“Poetry is an expression from the Heart......
Not just words but an ancient art.”


Allanah-Elizabeth, author of 'The Power of Poetry' and 'Reflections of the Heart', is a author, poetess, visionary, mystic, creative writer, healer and mother of four.

Ever since she was a little girl, Allanah-Elizabeth has loved to write. Whether it be penning poetry, a short story, a fantasy novel, fiction, romance or song - she has always had a passion for the written word.

Each of Allanah-Elizabeth's works are a collection of her visions, dreams, personal life experiences and conversations from her connection to spirit.

Through the power of poetry and depth of the written word, Allanah-Elizabeth enjoys bringing the world of mystery and magick alive, capturing the hearts and imaginations of all those who journey with her, taking you through the realms of the past, present and future, to explore, awaken and ignite your inner spark.

Allanah-Elizabeth lives in Queensland, Australia with her four children and 3 mischievous fur kids.


A Note From A-E

“To thy hearth of all through thy power of word
Let thy voices of ancients be heard.”


To me poetry is not just a craft, but a doorway into the unseen realms of the mystical and magickal.

Through the cathartic powers of poetry and the written word, I believe we are able to understand the deeper meanings of life, including the importance of spiritual transformation of consciousness of mind to help live better lives.

Hi, my name is Allanah-Elizabeth, Poetess and author of The Power of Poetry and Reflections of the Heart.

After realising my dream to become a self-published author, I decided to take my craft to the next level, releasing my first book The Power of Poetry in September 2014. Upon its release, after signing a two-year contract with Brumby Sunstate Pty Ltd, Australia's leading wholesaler in mind, body spirit books and gifts, my thirst for the craft grew and shortly after in the following year of October 2015 my second book, ‘Reflections of The Heart' was birthed.

Not only did this newfound confidence and growing love for my craft give me an opportunity to continue mastering my skills as a poetess, but it helped to heal deep emotional core wounds and unlock my authentic voice as an empowered woman, allowing my souls highest expression to flow through me.

Some of my recent work...


by Linda Angledal

  • It’s been a pleasure to discover the artistic work and talent by Allanah=Elizabeth. She possesses an infinite amount of natural ability to express herself through her craft and the written word. There’s a real depth and substance in her writing that is rare to find. The spiritual quality of what she does is what impresses me the most. It is very authentic, and I would also say, needed. Few people can make writing look easy. Her energy and flow is a charming adventure to behold.
    Arthur Crow
    Author of Magick and Immortals
  • Working with Allanah-Elizabeth in the studio was an exciting process...taking the words that flow from Spirit and setting them to music was a process that I was proud to have witnessed and been a part of. Allanah has been given a gift that few rarely uncover in their life. Allow her words flow from the written word to your ears and ignite your heart so that you may burn brightly.
  • The Quality of writing down straight from the heart is extremely rare. Historically very few people have done that, but fortunately Allanah-Elizabeth has this skill. The Poems and verses that come straight from her heart have the ability to touch and heal other hearts. Life has many treasures, but the greatest of them is to touch someones heart and soul. Touching the souls of others is the highest form of human maturity, thank you for doing that Allanah-Elizabeth, you are an emanation of light.
    Saad Saeed
    Founder & CEO of Success Today
  • Allanah-Elizabeth's stunning new book, The Power of Poetry, provides a peaceful sanctuary for the reader to surrender to the messages and be swept away from everyday life's busy-ness for moments to stop and observe. Sometimes you need these moments to simply take a deep breath and allow the English language to find a way to your heart and make you listen, relax and feel... yet just as easily, Allanah-Elizabeth's poetry has the power to take your breath away in an instant with poignant turn of phrase that resonates. Gorgeous poetry by a woman who 'gets' life, love, joy, adversity and sorrow and inspires in the most tenderest of ways. You can almost hear the angels sing in the background for this one. Well done, Allanah-Elizabeth.
  • Allanah-Elizabeth has an incredible gift of expressing the inexpressible and putting it into words. She truly is a Goddess who understands from an embodied perspective the divine feminine has an incredible ability to articulate the higher realms in a way that everyone can understand. Her ancient wisdom shines through every one of her poems for a modern day reader.
  • Allanah-Elizabeth is a person who offers her heart in all that she does. She has a passion for helping people through her natural spiritual guidance. I personally look forward to her daily shares on my social feed