Don't Just Survive...THRIVE!

Imagine that you wake up one day with this burning feeling, this inner desire to want to change your life. It’s as if whilst you were sleeping, a spark ignited within you and instantly you feel a sudden burst of inspiration. Tired of the same old same old, you want a new direction in life, wanting to close the chapters of the old and re-write the new. You no longer want to feel suspended in time, and seek a new beginning, a new way of living, knowing and feeling that you were born for more, to not only survive but to THRIVE!

And although you feel this intense flow of inspiration surging through your veins, you are faced with this sudden wall of resistance. Your body tenses as a million and one thoughts go racing around in your head, like a child on a sugar rush not knowing when to nor wanting to stop. Insistent on getting their own way, the intensity of the thoughts increase, getting louder and louder screaming for your attention, yelling...

How could YOU possibly be anyone else?”
“What makes you think that you can change, that you are even worthy of change?”
“You can’t tell me what to do!”
“I don’t have to listen to you!”
“I don’t want to change!”


And then, like that of the impulsive child, your thoughts continue running aimlessly around and around in your head, eventually getting the better of you, influencing your life’s direction by re-enacting the same story over and over again, from cover to cover, all the while ignoring that inner feeling and burning desire to experience a new way of being.

Or for those of you who are more visionary, let me paint you a picture to help you understand from another perspective how the resistance to changing our limiting thoughts and beliefs can hinder not only our personal growth and expansion but can also have an impact on us and our ability to transform and reach our fullest potential as a human being on a soul level.

Imagine that you are setting out on a journey with no clue nor idea as to where you are going or where the journey ends. Packing only the bare essentials in your bag, with the clothes on your back, shoes on your feet and the thrill of adventure in your heart you set off. Although, somewhat apprehensive of how, when, why, what, with whom and where this journey will take you, you begin to take your first steps, and embark on an adventure into the unknown.

After travelling for quite some time, you begin to feel tired and look for a place to rest. As you take a sip from your water bottle, you notice in the distance there is a cave. It is not far from you, so you decide to continue moving towards it. After a half hour or so, you finally reach the cave. It is dark and you can barely see inside.

Peering into the darkness, something catches your attention from the corner of your eye. You notice, standing at the entrance to the cave is a signpost. It reads....

“Everything that you have ever been wanting and waiting for lies beyond the walls of this cave. Enter here to discover your path to FREEDOM.”

Feeling a little perplexed but somewhat curious, you decide to explore further, discovering at the base of the sign a torch and a box of matches. You pick up the torch and slide open the box but when you open it, you notice that there is only one match inside.


As the sun sets, the day is fast turning into night and with little but some food, water and minimal supplies, you realize that you have forgotten to pack your torch and have no other means of light. So you strike the match and light the torch, knowing that you have only two options. You can either let the fear of the unknown get the better of you, taking the torch and turning around to go back in the direction of that which you came, ending your adventure and blocking your path forward or you can take a leap of faith, take the torch and begin your ascent into the cave, hoping that the flame doesn’t extinguish and will help guide you, lighting your way to freedom.

“Which do you choose, FEAR or FREEDOM?”

Often when we choose to change our lives for the betterment of ourselves and overall wellbeing and survival, we are faced by fear. Not only fear of the unknown but fear of judgement and ridicule from others and what they might think of the choices we make, as quite commonly, the outcome of our choices is usually not based on fulfilling what we need or desire but of that of what others need or desire us to be or become.

In order to appease and please those around us, we play it small, often sacrificing our own needs and desires, suppressing our innate gifts and talents and their potential to lead us to a life of overall happiness and self-fulfilment. And as a result of allowing these thoughts and beliefs of others to override our inner needs and desires, we fast become the saboteurs of our own success. And even though our thoughts are not our own, they are powerful. Powerful enough to have the ability to either transform or transgress our souls growth and expansion.

From birth onwards we learn how to think, act, speak and behave, mirroring that of our parents, family, friends, teachers, numerous media channels and community members. Our thoughts and beliefs of self and who we are, are shaped by what we are taught and told, which in turn influences our behaviour and the way we act and behave in society. Then as we grow and evolve these internal thoughts and beliefs then shape our reality, and what we think and believe we become.


Suppressing the authenticity of who we truly are just so as we can ‘fit in’ and be accepted by others in society and the world at large, can be one of the root causes of us blocking the desire to change and transform our own greatness.

Just like that of the weather, In the blink of an eye, everything in life can change. The people around you, your environment, personal and professional relationships, financial circumstances, your health and wellbeing, and so on. Change is imminent and until we, as individuals are willing to accept change as a constant in our lives, embracing it openly, going calmly with the ebb and flow of our existence in the now moment, instead of resisting what is to be and delaying the inevitable, then the end result will always remain the same.

The keys to change are awareness and acceptance. Awareness that you have a need or desire to change and acceptance that it is going to happen. As your inner landscape of thoughts and beliefs reflect what you experience in the outer world, what you understand and accept as your reality you will create. And depending on what that may be, you can either create a world of calm or chaos.


As one of my favorite philosophers and great geniuses, Albert Einstein said...

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”.

So, think of me not only as your coach but an agent of change. That torch that can help guide you to discover your own inner light by supporting and empowering you in your personal endeavor to achieve a life of overall self-fulfillment and success as you walk your path to freedom. Freedom to express who you truly are and chose to BE, allowing your unique soul expression to SHINE from the inside out.