Set Ye Free
April 26, 2017
World A Wonderful
April 27, 2018

With Love Replaced

Do ye really want to be a someone
When ye can be an everyone
Is it not enough to birth
Without having to prove ye worth
Birthing thy new learning to grow
Encompassing all light and shadow
Of who ye are and what ye were made
To be and experience in this life to trade
For anothers acceptance of who ye are
Will only push ye further afar
From ye truth thy beauty found within
Keeping ye small ye light will dim
Fading slowly to no more shine
No longer being yeself its time
To face ye fears of who ye aren’t
And prove to self not those who can’t
As no one other than ye is aware
Of how much ye can take nor bear
Thy pain and anguish that ye have faced
Has long gone and with love replaced

Allanah-Elizabeth Poetess 18 April 18

Artist Credit – Carol Cavalaris