My Journey


Sometimes we need not hear a sound

Our voice our internal compass found

To show the guiding point that be

The eyes are blind and cannot see

For all that is lost and all that is gone

But to regain our strength and carry on

Digging down deep for what is known

This life we have and others sown

Wearing our secrets our hearts on our sleeve

This armor these scars can no longer deceive

The truth the pain the hurt inside

A soul exposed cracked open wide

Cutting to the centre the very core

Where all surrenders and opens more

To every inch and breath of our BEing

Exposing the in to outer seeing

The tears they run they flow so fast

The then the now all that is past

For deep inside stirs a will

To no longer be silent no longer still

From Pain To...PURPOSE!

Welcome to this sacred space of healing, growth and transformation, my name is Allanah-Elizabeth

As human beings our potential to become who we truly are is limitless. We wear many hats in life as we change and transform into the greatness of our being. The hats I have grown accustomed to wear so far include that of a poetess, transformation coach, visionary, mystic, writer, healer, teacher, mother of four and author of ‘The Power of Poetry and ‘Reflections of the Heart’.

Besides my children, my family, friends, animals, the beach, nature and all things mystical and magickal, being at service to humanity and writing poetry are two of my greatest loves. And by marrying the two, using my innate tools, gifts and knowledge, I have learnt and acquired on my life’s journey thus far, has not only helped me unlock my many gifts and talents but it has helped to ignite and unleash my souls unique voice, by allowing my creative expression to shine through, gifting me the ability and privilege to help others on their pursuit of life fulfilment and balance do the same.

You see, ever since I was young, after a some-what challenging childhood and early adulthood, I have been seeking my true identity, searching for answers as to how I can be of value not only to myself but to others, helping to assist them on their path to freedom.

Before becoming a mother at the age of 29, throughout my teen years and into my mid-twenties, I continued walking aimlessly throughout life, experiencing its many ups and downs, trials, tribulations, and initiations, wearing many hats, working in various roles as a waitress, administration assistant, events planner/manager, purchasing clerk, and magazine co-owner/editor, to name just a few, in the hopes that I would find my place in the world, helping to establish my true identity and heal childhood wounds.

So, after several years of engaging in intensive research, studies and practices, investing my time and resources in both the spiritual and personal development field, healing and growing through the pain and transformation of being human, continuously birthing and re-birthing myself in pursuit of unlocking my life’s purpose, at the age of 38 I decided it was time to fulfil my dream of becoming an author.

In September of 2014, after having a dream of a herd of wild horses running along the beach, much like that in the official video clip of one of my favorite songs, ‘The Horses’ by Daryl Braithwaite, I secured a two-year distribution contract with Brumby Sunstate, Leading Australian Wholesaler of books in the mind, body, spirit and gift market. Just one week following the publication of my first book ‘the Power of Poetry’, my dream of becoming an author was fulfilled.

Then, in the following year of September 2015, my second book ‘Reflections of the Heart’ was released and my desire to help and work with others, sharing my unique gifts through the healing power and magick of poetry and the written word grew stronger and it was then that I was drawn to the world of coaching.

Fast forward to now, after graduating in a Diploma of Life Coaching, and opening my business as a Soulpreneur, I can confidently say that the growth and transformation I have experienced on all levels, mind, body and soul has bought me to a place of contentment and inner peace, confident that I have now found my place in the world and can inspire and help motivate others do the same

However, like you my friends, my journey is far from over, and the process of growth and transformation and the evolution of my soul continues, as I move gracefully into the next stages of my development, refining my gifts and talents, answering the call of my soul.

Helping others unlock their inner genie as they choose to walk their path of authenticity, wanting to make a difference in this world, doing what it is they love and are passionate about, truly makes my heart smile.


All Love...